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Open your practice to the power of many

The first invite-only referral platform designed to connect and empower independent business attorneys.

A Platform to Level the Playing Field

Independent, small firms lack the community and shared resources necessary to compete with larger law firms.

At Overture, we’re empowering our members to provide world-class client service by combining technology with attorneys aligned around a common set of core values.

The Platform

Refer, track, and ethically share fees, all in one platform

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The first referral platform built exclusively for business attorneys

From posting a referral to the final fee disbursement, we’ve revolutionized the entire referral process. The result is an ethical way to share fees with attorneys who are just as client-driven as you are.

  • User referring an attorney to a matter

    Refer to trusted members and unlock untapped revenue

    Post a referral in minutes and connect with vetted attorneys who have the right experience to help. Finding a trusted referral for your client and getting a referral fee– that’s a win-win.

  • User receiving payment via email

    Streamlined billing with automated fee sharing built right in

    Billing designed with an eye towards simplicity and making referral fees as easy as possible. And when client bills are paid, referral fees are directly deposited for full transparency.

The Membership

An exclusive network for client-driven business attorneys

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    A community built one member recommendation at a time

    Just like client referrals, the best attorneys are the ones recommended by their peers. That’s why every prospective member must be recommended by an active Overture member.

  • Attorney working remotely on a phone call with a client

    Rigorous vetting ensures first-class members from coast to coast

    Just because a prospective member is recommended doesn’t mean they are admitted. Each member is internally researched, interviewed, and voted on by our membership committee.

Our Core Values

Quality referrals start from a commitment to core values

Just like at large firms, what binds all Overture members is the collective commitment to our core values. From working with each other to advocating for our clients, our core values drive every decision that we make.

  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
“Overture exists to empower independent attorneys to better serve their clients. Working together to elevate the client experience makes us all more successful.”
Brian Liu
Brian Liu

Overture Co-Founder & CEO

LegalZoom Co-Founder


What our members are saying

“What these guys are building has the potential to change the industry.”
“Most tools are built for lawyers to use on their own. This is the first platform that’s designed to bring independent, small firms together.”
“Business lawyers are traditionally behind the eight ball. Overture is building a platform and a network to help push our industry forward by bringing independent firms together.”
“Everyone has referral networks that they have seen or been a part of. What makes this one different is a shared commitment in core values.”
“It’s a pleasure working with a company that shares the philosophy for client service. Finding other attorneys who share that vision is a bonus.”
“The last couple years have meant that my clients are more spread out than ever before. Something like Overture ensures that I can put a team together that can help with all of their issues.”
“I see this as the future of where law is going. What real estate companies are to realtors, I see Overture being to independent attorneys.”
“Talking about referral fees with colleagues is an uncomfortable topic. Having a platform where expectations are already set makes it easier to focus on doing what’s best for the client.”
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