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Share referrals and ethically split fees with trusted colleagues

Attorneys have been able to ethically share in referral fees with other attorneys since the 1970s. But, until recently, only plaintiffs attorneys have taken advantage of these rules.

Overture provides the framework for attorneys to ethically share in fees for referrals between with other trusted colleagues. Earn fees while providing access to legal professionals that are better able to help your clients.

Accepting Referrals

Take on vetted referrals from other attorneys with no upfront cost

  • browse networks

    Join referral networks you belong to

    To share and take on new referrals, you have to join at least one referral network.

  • responding to a referral

    Respond to open referrals and take on new clients

    Browse and respond to open referrals on the platform, and if selected, take on new matters today.

  • e-sign process

    Sign referred clients using e-sign. We’ll add the necessary client disclosures.

    When engaging a new client, simply upload your engagement agreement. We’ll automatically attach an addendum with the necessary client disclosures to ensure the ethical sharing of fees.

  • referral fee

    Send retainers and invoices through the platform. We’ll direct-deposit everyone’s share of the fees.

    Use our streamlined billing tools for referred matters. When the fees are ready to disperse, we’ll automatically split the fees directly to everyone’s bank accounts.

Joining Overture

Take on referrals from your networks in minutes


Create your account

Takes just a few minutes to set up your account and your profile.


Join networks you belong to

Browse networks and join the networks you are already a part of.


Start receiving and sending referrals

From there, you can start taking on and sending referrals to attorneys in your networks.

“Referral fees ensure that clients can get connected with a qualified attorney with the right expertise for their needs.”
Howard Miller, Esq.
Howard Miller, Esq.

Former President of State Bar - CA


How does Overture comply with referral fee rules?

Overture is set up as a law firm, Overture Law PC. That allows us to share in fees with our members for successful referrals, and handle the billing for matters that go through the system.

To learn more about the state-by-state referral fee rules, check out our Legal Resources.

What are the referral fee percentages?

To simplify the process, every referral through the platform has the same referral fee percentages.

Hourly / Flat Fee Matters
15% for the Referring Attorney
20% for Overture Law PC
65% for the Handling Attorney

Contingency Matters
30% for the Referring Attorney
5% for Overture Law PC
65% for the Handling Attorney

This way, the focus is on finding the right attorney to assist your client, rather than spending time negotiating referral fees.

How are the necessary client disclosures handled?

We’ve built e-sign on the platform, such that when you’re referred to a client through the system, you can upload your engagement agreement to send for signature. We’ll automatically attach the Overture addendum that contains the necessary client disclosures to allow for ethical referral fees.

Without the signed engagement package returned, the system will not move any funds.

How does client billing work on Overture?

We’ve built a simple billing tool on the platform for matters that are referred through the platform, allowing the ability to send trust requests and invoices. When the client pays, we’ll split the referring and handling attorney’s fee direct to their respective bank accounts. This ensures transparency for all users and streamlines the referral fee process.

How much does it cost to use the platform?

Nothing. There’s no fee to sign up on Overture. We want to be a tool for some of the best attorneys in the country, not just for those who can pay us the most.

By building communities of like-minded, quality attorneys from all over the country, Overture is an invaluable resource for every attorney to turn to when needed.

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