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How Legal Tech Pros Built New Small Atty Referral Platform

Working to build a network of attorneys to connect to their small business user base, the founders of online legal platform BizCounsel ran into a problem: Some clients ended up needing more help than one lawyer could provide. The solution became the brainchild for their latest product.

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LegalZoom Co-Founder's Newest Venture: Overture Law, an "Invite-Only" Referral Platform

Co-founded by LegalZoom's Brian Liu, Overture Law looks to leverage an invite-only membership together with billing and collection automation technology to empower attorneys to ethically share fees with one another.

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LegalZoom Founder Launches Overture Law, the First Invite-Only Referral Platform for Independent Attorneys

tarted by legaltech pioneer Brian Liu, Overture’s mission is to help independent attorneys extend the reach of their practice and generate new revenue streams.

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